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What is Wellbeing@CampusLife?

There are many descriptions of wellbeing and defining it as a concept has presented researchers with many challenges. Many people therefore often get confused as to what a ‘wellbeing service’ is as the term wellbeing can seem intangible, almost too abstract to be able to fully visualise what such a service offers.

At Swansea University, Wellbeing@CampusLife defines a person’s wellbeing as being the balance point between an individual’s resource pool and the challenges they face (Dodge et al 2012). See diagram below

 Wellbeing balance

We do not define wellbeing as being the absence of any difficulty or ill health nor is it a constant state of happiness or good health. Rather, wellbeing is acceptance we all live in a state of balance or equilibrium that can be affected by life events and challenges that can be positive as well as negative. Our usual state of balance is something that is unique to us all and based on our own experiences and story. What and how things affect us is also individual and unique.


What is Wellbeing@CampusLife?

In broad terms our remit is to provide a range of services that cultivate student wellbeing by:-

  • Directly helping students to develop the means and inner resources to promote their own wellbeing whilst studying at Swansea University through a range of therapeutic approaches
  • Working directly with students where their individuality and circumstances presents them with challenges in the academic world where additional and/or tailored learning support is required
  • Offering formal and informal advice and support to staff within the academic and learning environments of the organisation that further embed the student wellbeing agenda
  • We connect with the wider community in collaboration with the student to additional support they may wish to access  

Specifically, the range of services we offer are set out on this web page. They are broken into sections so you can see the broad range of what we offer, when we offer it, how the service is accessed and how some services are funded.

Our service is not an emergency or statutory mental health service. If such services are required, contact needs to be made via your GP or other appropriate referral routes before approaching our service.

No one can ‘make’ you use our service. Our service is based on self-referral and student autonomy. You can choose to stop using our services at any time.  

Our services are free of charge and are confidential (see confidentiality policy) to all enrolled students. We are part of "CampusLife" but access to our service is separate in order to protect confidentiality.

We have male and female staff available.

Whatever service we offer, our contact with students is based on respect for choice and individuality. We do not judge or stigmatise.

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