How much does it cost?

The costs of university...

As a student, you will usually have to pay for two things - tuition fees and living costs. Being able to sort out your own finances can be quite daunting, however there is plenty of help and support available and it may not be as expensive as you think! 

Tuition fee loan

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Tuition fees are paid to the university on your behalf in order to cover the cost of your education. This is referred to as your tuition fee loan. This will need to be paid back but only when you start earning over a certain amount of money. For up-to-date information on repayments see the Student Finance pages

Maintenance loan

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Your maintenance loan helps you pay for accommodation, food, study materials and any other outgoings. Unlike the tuition fee loan, the maintenance loan is paid to you in installments and you are responsible for managing your own finances! Like the tuition fee loan, you will have to pay your maintenance loan back. You can find out more from the Money Advice Office


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Certain students can receive grants and, unlike loans, these do not have to be paid back. To find out if you're eligible, contact Student Finance England/Student Finance Wales.

The amount of loan/s you receive depends on different things and can vary for everyone. For example, there is extra support available for disabled students and students with children. 

Part-time jobs

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Going to university doesn't always mean that you won't have time to do some part time work. Often universities will help you find jobs in the local area, or at the university itself. Lots of students work in university run bars, shops or cafes and sign up to receive notifications when jobs become available. 

Bursaries and scholarships

Most universities will offer bursaries and scholarships to further support students. At Swansea University, we offer:

Excellence Scholarship - to any student that achieves AAA at A Level (or equivalent)

Merit Scholarship - to any student that achieves AAB at A Level (or equivalent)

The scholarships are not a reduction in fees and it doesn't matter what subjects you're studying, or which course you intend to study at university.

To find out more, visit 

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Being independent and responsible for your own finances can be quite exciting, but to avoid any nasty surprises it is essential to budget effectively. Some tips include:

  • Learning to cook!
  • Going shopping with friends/housemates
  • Looking for student discounts
  • Calculating your incomings and outgoings using the Student Calculator

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