Applying to University

Applying to University

Almost every undergraduate course in the UK requires students to apply through UCAS. Applications are made on UCAS' website and UCAS then sends your application to your chosen institutions. Normally, students start planning their application with their school/college in Year 12, however it's never too early to think about your options. 



UCAS allows you to make up to five course options, however you don't have to make that many - you can opt to apply for just one course if you wanted to, and  also you can apply for more than one course at the same institution. 



Your school/college teacher/s should provide the reference for your application based on your academic ability, achievements and potential for further study. 



Personal Statement

On your application, you will have to fill in a Personal Statement. The Personal Statement gives you the chance to talk about yourself and helps universities decide between students, especially those who have similar grades. You should include information such as:

  • Any extra curriculum activities
  • Your relevant interests/hobbies
  • Aspirations you may have for the future
  • Why you want to study that particular course

You only complete one Personal Statement to support all of your choices, so make sure that the information you provide is relevant and allow plenty of time for planning and proof reading.

There is plenty of help available online, such as on, but make sure that your Personal Statement is your own work as UCAS does check for plagiarism. 

Closing Dates


The deadline for most applications is January 15, however your school/college may ask you to complete it earlier. There are also other deadlines for students applying to Oxford/Cambridge and for certain courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. For more information, see


Once you have submitted your application, all that is left is to wait for the institutions to reply! Typical UCAS offers include:

Conditional - this means you have been accepted to study on a course provided you achieve certain grades determined by the institution

Unconditional - you have been accepted to study on to a course based on the grades you've already got 

Acceptances and Results

The last stage of your UCAS process is waiting for your results in August. Once both you and your chosen institutions receive these, you can find out what course/s have provided a place for you and prepare to begin your studies at university! 

results day