Tuition Fee Plan

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) has approved Swansea University's proposal to charge tuition fees of £9,000 per annum, for full-time undergraduate degree programmes. The links below provide further details about the University's Fee Plan and the package of support that will be available to new and continuing students (all this information is already available within the University’s website).

Students are at the heart of what we do; we know that our students value the quality of the learning, teaching, and support they already receive (our student satisfaction in the NSS 2015 was 91%, 8th in the entire UK), and we are committed to ensuring that we continue to invest appropriately in the student learning experience.

Given reductions in public funding, the University has had to consider its response to the current fee arrangements for undergraduate students carefully. In order to safeguard, and continually improve, the excellent learning and teaching and wider experience that our students enjoy and that our future students expect, we asked the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) for permission to charge £9,000.

We believe that this will enable us to maintain our programme of investment, ensuring that we deliver an internationally competitive student experience.

What does the Tuition Fee Plan set out to do?

The Tuition Fee plan outlines the University’s plan to charge £9,000 per annum for our undergraduate degree programmes (for home students). In doing so, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) requires universities to ensure they invest a significant proportion of income raised from these fees to promote equality of opportunity and promote Welsh Higher Education. The Tuition Fee Plan, describes what level of investment this will be and what activities/initiatives the University will have in place to help advance equality of opportunity and promotion of Higher Education.

The University is required to develop these Fee Plans at least one year in advance and so for prospective students’ information please refer to the Fee Plan that will be in ‘effect’ the year you are due to start university. For example, for students starting in September 2016 please refer to the Institutional Fee Plan for 2016-17.

All Institutional Fee Plans (and Fee & Access Plan for 2017-18) have been approved by HEFCW and are available on the links below.

Fee & Access Plans (starting 2017-18)

For 2017-18, Institutional Fee Plans have been redeveloped into Fee & Access Plans – a legal requirement of the HE Act 2015. As the name change suggests the new Fee & Access Plans have a far greater focus on access to Higher Education and in particular how universities will attract, retain and support students from under-represented groups. The new Fee and Access plan goes into more detail than previous plans and in summary covers:

  • The notification to charge £9,000 fees for full time undergraduate courses per annum
  • The level fee income expected
  • The level of fee income to be invested in Equality of Opportunity and Promotion of HE
  • How this investment will be apportioned against Fee & Access Plan objectives
  • How these fees and any other costs will be communicated to prospective students
  • How the plan was developed in conjunction with partners and the Students’ Union
  • The rational for fee income investment and strategic alignment
  • The identification of under-represented groups to be include in the plan
  • Activities and initiatives to achieve the objectives aimed at the under-represented groups
  • Targets to monitor progress towards increasing levels of participation and retention for under-represented groups

The University’s Fee & Access Plan for 2017-18 has been approved by HEFCW (August 2016) and will be in effect from September 2017.

Tuition Fee Plan Documents

For 2016-17 – Institutional Fee Plan 16-17 (approved August 2015, in effect from September 2016):

Institutional Fee Plan 2016-17

For 2017-18 - Fee & Access Plan 17-18 (approved August 2016, in effect from September 2017):

SU Fees & Access Plan 17-18


Plans for previous years can be downloaded below: