NHS Funding

If you are a prospective NHS student or a parent of one, please have a look at our  NHS Funding Booklet 16/17 for more information regarding what funding is available for prospective NHS students. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are charged at £9000 per year but are covered in full by the NHS so no tuition fee payment is required.

NHS Maintenance Funding

NHS Funding is also available in the form of a non-means tested NHS grant of £1,000 and a means-tested NHS bursary up to £4455. The actual amount of bursary you will receive will be dependent on the length of your course and your household income.

In addition, students can apply for a number of additional supplementary grants if they meet specific criteria. These grants are means tested and are: 

  • Dependants’ Allowances
  • Parent Learning Allowance
  • Childcare Allowance

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that the first instalment of NHS funding is not usually paid until the end of the 2nd month of your course.

Student Awards Services implements the NHS Wales Bursary Schemes, which provides funding for healthcare students on NHS funded courses in Wales. If you are considering a professional career in health care and would like to know more about the financial support you will get during your training, then please contact:

Bursary Enquiries - Tel:   02920 376854

Childcare Enquiries - Tel:  02920 196168

Email:   abm.sas@wales.nhs.uk

Website: www.nwsspstudentfinance.wales.nhs.uk/home

Maintenance Loans 16/17

Students are also able to access a reduced rate non-means tested Maintenance Loan of £3030 (Wales) or £2483 (England). Applications will need to be made to Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England

Students who have previous study or already hold a degree qualification WILL still be able to receive this loan.

Other Funding

Depending on a students' circumstances Disability Student's Allowance (DSA) may also be available, further advice can be obtained from our Disability@CampusLife team.

Swansea University provides further support for Care Leavers, more information can be obtained from Student Services.


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