RRHIME Elective Experience in Tromso, Norway

"I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to gain valuable pre-hospital care experience, something which is extremely hard to gain in other areas of the world as a medical student and therefore this was a truly unique opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed combining my passion for medicine with the wilderness and learning about the challenges of remote medicine.

Similar diseases and illness were experienced to those found in Wales, although the remoteness of the area provides interesting challenges in accessing health care. Additionally, more traumatic injuries associated to the wilderness environment were encountered. Norway is a very wealthy country with a high level of care provided through the national health system and fantastic facilities."

The Colours of Tromso

Non-Curricular Activities

"Northern Norway is a fantastic place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts; the mountains and fjords are incredible which plenty of hiking, climbing and kayaking! I would highly recommend contacting the university kayak club and visiting the DNT office in Tromso to get more information about the fantastic cabins and hiking trails available."

Clinical Experience

"The majority of my time was spent practicing airway management skills in the operating theatres. Additionally, I was fortunate to gain valuable experience practising pre-hospital care with the Fixed Wing Retrieval Service, Ambulance Service, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and Norwegian Royal Air Force Search and Rescue team. This was very opportunistic and arrangements were coordinated whilst in Tromso with the Doctors I met in the hospital. Furthermore, there were fantastic research opportunities surrounding Helicopter Emergency Rescue Services for which I conducted a small project with Professor Fredriksen in the Department of Emergency Medicine."

Norway Air Ambulance