Guidance on Calculating Fees

Fees are calculated on two types of charge:

  • prescribed costs
  • disbursements

Prescribed Costs

These are the costs of staff time incurred in finding, sorting, examining, editing and redacting information. A flat rate of £25 per person per hour is to be used.

However, the first £450 of the prescribed costs is free under the Regulations. We can charge the prescribed costs above £450 in full but we are not obliged to supply information where that limit is exceeded. It is likely that the University will refuse requests where the prescribed costs exceed £450.


These are any costs directly and reasonably incurred by the University in informing applicants whether the information is held and in communicating such information to the applicant.

Such costs will usually cover photocopying, printing from electronic sources, postage and packing and, where requested, translation into another language and re-formatting.

The University will levy a standard charge of 10 pence per page for photocopying and printing from electronic sources.

All reasonable disbursements will be charged in full.

Applying VAT

Where the University is asked to supply information, and the information is only available from the University or another public body, any fees charged would not attract VAT.

Where the University is asked to supply information, and the information is also available from a non-public body, any fees charged would attract VAT.

Fees charged for information provided in accordance with the University’s Publication Scheme will attract VAT.

Fees Notice

The Fees Notice should be completed and sent to applicants for information in all cases where fees are to be charged in dealing with requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


Name of applicant :
Address :
Information requested :
Disbursements costs: £
Prescriptive costs:£
V.A.T. (where applicable):£
Total costs: £

The above fees are payable under the Fees Regulations of the Freedom of Information Act, 2000. Payment in pounds sterling should be made to ‘Swansea University’.

The University will be unable to process further your request for information until payment has been received.

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