Date Received Details of Request Full/Partial Response Exemption Relied Upon Link to Documents
2016/08/05 Clinical Skills, Teaching and Assessment Refused S12 FOI Response 001-16/17
2016/08/08 Wormholes Full None FOI Response 002-16/17
2016/08/17 Academic Publications Refused S12 FOI Response 006/16-17
2016/08/19 Electric Vehicle Charging Full None FOI Response 008/16-17
2016/08/25 International students GEM Full None FOI Response 012/16-17
2016/08/30 Tender for Marine Science Research Vessel Full None FOI Response 014/16-17
2016/08/24 Nursing students and disciplinary action Partial S40(2) FOI Response 011/16-17
2016/08/28 International students without language proficiency Full None FOI Response 013-16/17
2016/08/30 Erasmus Exchange Programme Full None FOI Response 015/16-17
2016/09/04 Refunds due to poor teaching in last 5 years Partial S40(2) FOI Response 018/16-17
2016/09/05 Lift Maintenance, repair, modernisation and installation services Partial S43 FOI Response 019/16-17
2016/09/02 Estimated annual spend on electrical materials and assoicated products for the financial year 2015/16 Refused S12 FOI Response 016/16-17
2016/09/15 Software in higher education Full None FOI Response 022/16-17
2016/09/19 PGCE Full None FOI Response 027/16-17
2016/09/19 Sexual assault Full None FOI Response 028/16-17
2016/09/23 Martime Law Student Numbers Full None FOI Response 032/16-17
2016/09/23 MSc Autism and Related Conditions programme Partial S40(2) FOI Response 033/16-17