Data Protection Policy - Student Handling of Personal Data

Wherever possible, Swansea University students who are required as part of their coursework or research to handle personal data for which Swansea University is responsible should be provided with anonymised data. Where this is not possible, non-anonymised personal data for which Swansea University is the data controller should only be handled by students under the supervision of a member of academic staff (normally, for a postgraduate, this will be their supervisor, and for an undergraduate the person responsible for teaching the class/course). The member of staff should make sure that the student is aware of the requirements of the GDPR and this policy. Students must conform to these requirements when handling personal data for which Swansea University is responsible.

Students should ensure that any data which they provide to Swansea University, such as their contact details, are accurate, and should inform the University of any changes to that data. Students must also respect the Data Protection Principles when using the University computing facilities, such as email or web pages. Further information about students' rights and responsibilities in regard to their data, and how Swansea University gathers and uses data about students, is available in the Student Data Protection Statement.

Students should note that Swansea University is not responsible for any processing by them of personal data for which Swansea University is not the data controller, even if the processing is carried out using Swansea University's equipment and facilities. Students are personally responsible for complying with the GDPR in regard to data for which they are the data controller.