Data Protection Policy - Examinations and Assessment

Examination scripts - i.e. the information recorded by candidates in exams - are exempt from data subject access requests under the Data Protection Act 1998. Swansea University is under no obligation to permit candidates to have access to completed scripts or copies of scripts. However, comments by internal and external examiners made on examination scripts or in a form which allows them to be related to original scripts are covered by the Data Protection Act, and may be the subject of access requests. Examination marks can also be requested. If a subject access request is made before the examination results are announced, the timescale for responding to requests is extended to five months from the date of the request, or 40 days from the announcement of the results (whichever is earlier).

Examinations are defined in the Data Protection Act as "any process for determining the knowledge, intelligence, skill or ability of a candidate by reference to his performance in any test, work or other activity". This means that other forms of assessment (e.g. written assessment work, field work) are covered by the same provisions as those relating to examinations.