The Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring Scheme

The University’s mentoring scheme brings together learners or ‘rusty’ Welsh speakers and more confident, experienced Welsh speakers, with one simple aim: to practise and speak Welsh!

Our pairs and groups meet at times and in ways that are convenient to them: over a coffee or lunch, or on the phone or email.

In the mentoring sessions, some will use course books or magazines to steer the conversation, or prepare for exams – but most just meet for a chat!  

Emily Welsh Officer

“Jane’s Welsh has got so good I don’t feel she has any room for improvement – but the important thing for her now is to practise, practise, practise, and listen to natural Welsh.” Emily, Welsh Officer


“Mentoring is great! Chris and I get together every Thursday at 10:30. I’m learning lots of Welsh and a lot about Wales too.” Jens, Associate Professor, College of Science


“We tend to speak online and then have a chat when we bump into each other on campus. The 2 of us are second language so the scheme has given an extra opportunity to practise the language in a different way.” Lauren, Student 

Contact Details

If you would like to be part of the scheme please contact: