Jane Fisher

Jane Fisher

Clerical Assistant in the Disability Office.

I provide support to students with specific needs.

Working in Two Languages

How often do you use your Welsh at work?

I try to use my Welsh everyday by answering the phone in Welsh and also through talking with other Welsh speakers.

How fluent are you, in your opinion?

I am almost fluent, but sometimes, I do  make mistakes or forget some words.  It depends on how confident I feel at the time - when I am nervous, I cannot say anything but when I am confident, there is no stopping me!

Do you have any postive stories to share about your experience of Welsh in the workplace?

Yes i do.  By being able to use my Welsh in the workplace, it has created a new network of friends and colleagues within the University who can also speak Welsh.  Everytime I walk across Campus, I always see someone who speaks Welsh.

Have you faced any challenges?

Yes, it is still a challenge for me to remember which version of 'Yes' I use when I am answering a question.

How important would you say it is to be able to offer a service in Welsh, even if you're not the person offering the service?

In my opinion it is extremely important, we are one of the main institutions in Wales.

Is there anything that would help in terms of your ability to offer a Welsh language service/do you feel that you need more training/practice?

I am currently undertaking a course for staff in the University which concentrates on the written aspect of Welsh and it has been a great help to me to be able to offer a Welsh language service.  I would like to be able to use my Welsh more with students, hopefully more students will ask for University services through the medium of Welsh.