Faculty mobility

The University supports an ongoing programme of faculty mobility between Swansea and its Texas partner universities.

Supported by dedicated funding such as Erasmus+ staff mobility awards and the University's Texas Collaboration Funding Awards, the University has been able to support a significant number of faculty visits and deliver an extensive programme of guest lectures, in both Swansea and Texas.

Funding for Faculty Mobility: Erasmus+

In 2016/17 Erasmus+ funds have been awarded to four of the University’s leading academics to support short teaching visits to Texas partner universities.

For 2017/18 we will be offering Erasmus+ mobility awards to support faculity mobility between Swansea and Texas as follows:

  • 4 awards for Swansea University academics to undertake short (max 11 days) teaching visits to Texas partner universities
  • 2 awards for faculty from selected Texas partner universities to undertake short (max 11 days) teaching visits to Swansea University

Further details will be circulated in due course. Contact Caroline Coleman-Davies for further information.

Dr Helen Valier

Guest lectures at Swansea University

  • Adolescents with Serious Mental Illnesses: Improving Treatment Adherence and Service Utilization Dr Robin Gearing (Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston)
  • Antimicrobial Peptides: Innate Defence Against Ocular Surface Pathogens and Potential Therapeutic Uses Professor Alison McDermott (College of Optometry, University of Houston)
  • Mental Health Disorders and Treating Depression through Acupuncture Professor Patrick Leung (Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston)
  • Politics, Policy, and Normative State Culture: Texas Trafficking Policy and Education as a Medium for Social Change Melinda Lemke (College of Education, the University of Texas at Austin) 
  • Preparing Youth for Civic Participation: Opportunities for Educators Dr Suzanne Pritzker (Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston)
  • Recovering the Written Legacy of Suppressed Languages and Cultures Professor Nicolas Kanellos (Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Houston)
  • Smart Materials and Applications in Aerospace Professor Gangbing Song (College of Engineering, University of Houston)
  • The Growing Role of Immigration Law in Universal Higher Education: Case Studies of the United States and the EU Professor Michael Olivas (Law Center, University of Houston)
  • The Use of Storytelling in Academic Healthcare Bernard Robin (College of Education, University of Houston)
  • The Valve Interstitial Cell: From Cellular Biophysics to Surgical Repair Prof Michael Sacks, (Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences, University of Texas at Austin)
  • Understanding and Addressing the Unique Needs and Rights of Immigrant Children in the Child Welfare System Professor Alan Dettlaff (Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston) 
  • Undocumented Children and Families Across the Southern Border of the United States Ann E. Webb (Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston)
Prof Michael Olias

Funding for Faculty Mobility: Texas Collaboration Funding Awards

Each year the Texas Strategic Partnership makes available funds to support Swansea University academic staff in the development of new collaborative activities in Texas.

A number of awards of up to £2,000 each are offered to assist with travel costs to Texas for the purpose of developing new collaborative activity in one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Collaborative research
  • Teaching collaboration
  • Student exchange

Offered for the first time in 2015, awards have been made in Engineering, Computer Science, Politics, Business Management, Medicine and Health Science. Read about some of the collaborations they have supported here.

Information about the 2016/17 awards will be posted in due course. 

Prof Patrick Leung

Swansea University Guest lectures in Texas

At the University of Houston

  • Future Buildings: Delivering Clean Renewable Energy from the Built Environment Prof David Worsley
  • Sleep on it: The Benefits of Sleep for Memory Prof Mark Blagrove
  • The Significance of Dylan Thomas Prof John Goodby
  • Visual Analytics for Big Video Visualization Dr Robert S. Laramee
  • Wales and Social Rights: Developing the First Children’s Rights Law in the World Rt. Hon. Rhodri Morgan
  • What can Trendy Transducers, Vivid Visualisations and Fundamental Physics tell us about Wild Animals and People? Prof Rory Wilson

At Texas A&M University

  • Cultural Property Protection and Military Necessity at a Crossroads? The ‘Monuments Men’ and the Allied Bombing of Pompeii in 1943 Dr Nigel Pollard
  • One Jump ahead: The Application of Hawkes processes in Finance Dr Maggie Chen
  • St Francis and the Sultan: A Starting Point for Middle-East reconciliation? D.J.Britton
  • Up to Speed’ : The 1000mph World Land Speed Record – Swansea University and the Bloodhound Project Dr Ben Evans

At the University of Texas at Austin

  • Black Skin, Blue Books: Frederick Douglass, Wales and Transatlantic Abolitionism Prof Daniel Williams
  • Research as Art – Conveying the Beauty, Complexity, and Humanity of Research Dr Richard Johnston
  • Sea-Level Rise from Glaciers and Ice Sheets Professor Tavi Murray
  • Where has all the Antimatter gone? Swansea University and the ALPHA Experiment at CERN Professor Niels Madsen
Prof Nicolas Kanellos