Showcase session

From Nano-Health to Population-Health

Houston: 27th October

Steve Conlan

Steve Conlan is Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and head of Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology research at Swansea University’s College of Medicine.

His research focuses on the application of molecular, cellular and nano biology approaches to understanding gynaecological pathologies and he holds an honorary consultant position in the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg NHS Board.

Professor Conlan is also Director of Swansea University’s £22 Million Centre for NanoHealth where his interests centre around the characterisation of cellular interactions at the nanoscale .

He works closely with the life science and healthcare industrial sector, and has active collaborations with SMEs and multinational companies.

He is a Full Member of Houston Methodist Research Institute, Texas, and Distinguished Professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Suzhou Academy, China.


The Centre for NanoHealth

The Centre for NanoHealth is a £22 million open access R&D facility dedicated to the advancement of healthcare through the application of nanotechnology.

It offers a fully integrated nanotechnology and biomedical R&D environment within the purpose built 1600m2 facility.

CNH is integrated with the Institute of Life Science, through which it can offer access to a 'first into man' clinical trials unit and MRI/CT patient imaging and health informatics.

CNH offers access to more than 50 academic staff from the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Science, Health Board (NHS) clinicians, and industry.

The open access facility provides a technology and innovation base for SMEs in Wales and beyond.

To date CNH has initiated many collaborative projects with industry and other HEIs realising more than £15Million further investment.

The Centre is a member of several global nanohealth networks including leading The Celtic Alliance for NanoHealth, the Alliance for NanoHealth, ETP nanomedicine and is a founding member of the Health Science and Technologies Collaborative Innovation Centre with Soochow University and Biobay in Suzhou, China.

How Nanotechnology is helping drive Modern Medicine Forward