Showcase session

Single Cell Analysis of Dose-Response of Therapeutics

Houston: 27th October

Paul Rees

Professor Paul Rees from the College of Engineering has research interests in flow cytometry, systems biology, the simulation of blood clotting, and colloidal quantum dots.

He has undertaken collaborative research with national and international partners, including the Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Baylor School of Medicine, MIT, Harvard, Texas A&M and Cancer Research UK, and he is author of over 150 journal papers.

Professor Rees is a member of Swansea University’s £22 million Centre for Nanohealth, a Senior Affiliate of the Methodist Hospital Research Academy and a visiting Professor at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA.


Systems Cytometry

Professor Rees is a member of the Systems Cytometry research group, a cross-discipline team applying systems engineering principles in the quantitative study of cell biology and cell based medicine.

It seeks to bring a unified approach viewing the biology, the technology platform and the data analysis as inter-linked, dependent elements of the measurement process. The study of cell heterogeneity and population wide properties is an underlying theme to all of its work.

Its research covers:
• Nanomedicine and nanoparticle-cell interactions
• Automated cell imaging and analysis using nanoparticle reporters
• Modelling of dose-response in therapeutics and toxicology
• Stochastic computer simulation of cell populations

The group collaborates extensively with UK and gloval partners including Cancer Research UK, King's College London. the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Methodist Hospital Research INstitute, Houston, the University of Leeds and Cardiff University.