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Providing Online Vote Advice to Citizens – creating and analysing data from ‘Vote Advice Application’ websites

Poster session: Houston, 28th October

Matt Wall

Dr Matt Wall

Dr. Matt Wall is a lecturer in politics at Swansea University, where he currently teaches courses on the philosophy of research, comparative politics, global governance and electoral politics.

 Prior to coming to Swansea, Dr. Wall worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Université Libre de Bruxelles as part of the Electoral System Change in Europe Since 1945 (ESCE) research project. He is a Marie Curie research fellow, having completed a year’s postdoctoral research as part of the ELECDEM initial training network at the Free University, Amsterdam. He completed his PhD thesis on African electoral and party systems at Trinity College Dublin.

 Dr. Wall has collaborated extensively scholars from Irish, UK, Dutch, and French institutions in both publishing research and seeking research funding.  Research interests include: digital politics; electoral campaigns; electoral system effects and reform; Vote Advice Application (VAA) websites and Irish politics.

 Dr. Wall has published several research articles and book chapters on these topics in publications including: The British Journal of Political Science, Electoral Studies, Party Politics, Parliamentary Affairs, The Journal of Information Technology and Politics, The Journal of E-Governance  and The Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

 Dr. all is currently a Principal Investigator of an AHRC funded project exploring the use of online gambling websites to predict political outcomes (see:

 His website is hosted at:


Dr Matt Wall,Dr Stephen Lindsay and Dr Rory Costello

'What are the odds?  Capturing and exploring data created by online political gambling markets'
Dr Matthew Wall is the Principal Investigator on an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project – worth £76,001 – along with his Co-Investigators (Dr Stephen Lindsay – Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Swansea University and Dr Rory Costello – Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Limerick.

This 15 month project entitled ‘What are the odds?  Capturing and exploring data created by online political gambling markets’ builds on the intuition that the odds offered on gambling markets inform us about participants’ perception of the likelihood of possible outcomes for a given event. 

‘Long’ odds, which offer a high return, tend to be offered on (perceived) unlikely outcomes, while ‘short’ odds, which only offer a very small return, indicate that an outcome is considered likely.  Furthermore, odds on offer very over time as new information becomes available. 

‘What are the odds?’  leverages the fact that most contemporary online gambling websites offer odds on political outcomes.  Because these odds are published online, it is possible to gather them automatically, and to compile records of how the markets fluctuate over time. 

The project will gather and analyse gambling market data concerning elections and referendums, the key means by which citizens influence policy in representative democracies. 

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