Over 40 interactive exhibitions to explore, as well as these free workshops!

Solar Cells 

In this electrifying workshop, leading research scientists demonstrate how to build your own working solar cells using environmental friendly blueberry jam and beetroot juice! The researchers help participants to create a battery using copper coins and kitchen towel that will light up an LED, then participnts can choose to paint the wires to connect the circuit together on plastic, paper or even fabric.  

Presenters: Youmna Mouhamad, Sagar Jain, and Amrita Yasin.

Location: Vivian Room, National Waterfront Museum

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 11am - 11.45am | 12.15pm - 1pm | 2pm - 2.45pm | 3.15pm - 4pm 

Sutiable for: 7+ 


The Animal Collectives Foraging Workshop

Have you ever stood in the streets of a city or town you are visiting with a group of friends, struggling to decide where to go to dinner? This is a coordination problem encountered by all sorts of animal groups, all over the world, every day of their lives. This foraging workshop explores how animal collectives, like flocks of sheep or troops of monkeys, stick together and coordinate their behaviour in order to gain the benefits of being social. The workshop starts by getting the audience to do some social foraging, then the researchers look at how you compare to the sheep or monkeys that they study. Finally, the researchers discuss what the results tell us about our own collective behaviour and our evolutionary past. 

Organised by: Dr Andrew King, Dr Ines Fürtbauer, and Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Heather Barnett

Location: Ocean Room, National Waterfront Museum

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 11.30pm - 12.30pm

Suitable for families with children aged 7+

Flock of sheep

Bonkers Balloon Show

Join Becky Kitter from CBeebies' Ha Ha Hairies for this interactive bonkers balloon science show!

Becky loves balloons and she wants to show you just how much you can learn from these humble globes of latex! The Balloon Show is full of thrills and spills, pops and bangs. The audience will help set up experiments and make lots of predictions on what they think might happen. You will never look at a balloon the same way again!

Location: Warehouse, National Waterfront Museum,

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm | 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Suitable for all ages

Becky Kiitter

Play with Your Food!

“Don’t play with your food!” is a phrase uttered by most parents at some point during mealtimes. Getting a fussy eater to eat vegetables is a common problem. Research, however, has shown that creating a positive atmosphere during and around mealtimes can be more effective to encourage children to eat healthily than bribing and pressuring techniques, such as offering dessert if they clear their plate. In this interactive workshop, children will have the opportunity to experiment with food through play (simple vegetable preparation, tasting, and creating art through food), and parents will have the opportunity to learn more about research-based methods they can use at home which will effectively encourage healthy eating.

Speaker: Sophia Komninou

Location: Waterfront Workshop, National Waterfront Museum

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 12.45pm - 1.30pm | 2.30pm - 3.15pm

Suitable for: Under 7s and family

Creative fruit salad

Particle Physics for Sports Fans

The idea of science in general, and particle physics in particular, is to try to make sense of what we observe around us. In particle physics, this involves seemingly random, chaotic interactions of particles. This is like watching a sport we know nothing about and trying to understand the rules; however, with enough observation, you could eventually work out the rule book of that sport. Particle physicists are doing the same thing with their experiments; after enough observations they will derive the Rule Book of Nature.

Speaker: Professor Chris Allton

Location: Ocean Room, National Waterfront Museum

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 1.15pm - 2pm

Suitable for: Age 7+ 


So You Think You Know Star Wars?

As we celebrate its 40th anniversary, Steve McVeigh will bring families together and put their Star Wars knowledge to the test. Since it first hit the big screen in 1977, Star Wars characters, planets, spaceships, and dialogue have become rooted in global popular culture. But is it simply a story of the conflict between good and evil, of resistance against tyranny and the ultimate victory, against the odds, of the underdogs? Is it even science fiction? Steve will take the audience back to the 1970s, a dark time for the USA, and explore how Star Wars appears, and to ask why did George Lucas make the film. The talk will then look again at Star Wars, to see things that audiences may have missed or that have perhaps been obscured by the passage of time.

Speaker: Dr Steve McVeigh

Location: Ocean Room, National Waterfront Museum

Date: Sunday 10 September

Time: 3pm - 4pm

Suitable for: Age 10+ 

Star Wars