Where to park if you travel by car

Swansea University encourages all of its staff and students to use public transport as much as possible – sustainability is at the heart of the University’s ethos and has seen it achieve ‘First Class Degree’ status in The Guardian ‘Green League’.

However, we appreciate that some students are unable to use public transport due to where their live, their childcare arrangements, their disabilities, or for other reasons.

In line with longstanding University policy, there will be no parking for students at either campus, except for students with disabilities.

Please check the tabs below to see where you can park as an alternative.

Parking information

Park & Ride

Swansea University, the City & County of Swansea, and First Cymru have negotiated a special deal to allow Swansea University students to park at Park & Ride sites and use the standard First Cymru bus service to travel onwards to either campus. The total cost will be £4.00 - £2.50 to park and £1.50 to 'ride'. This is the total cost for everybody in the car up to a maximum of 5 people.

This is most useful for students studying at the Bay Campus, as there is a Park & Ride station located nearby along Fabian Way. This will be served by the number 8 bus (Hendrefoilan - Park Campus - City Centre - Bay Campus), which will be every 15 minutes. It will take approximately 5 minutes to travel by bus from the Park & Ride to the Bay Campus.

Where exactly is the Fabian Way Park & Ride? It's opposite Mcdonalds - see map below:


Recreation Ground

Swansea University have a longstanding relationship with the City and County of Swansea that allows students to use the Recreation Ground car park next to St Helen's. This is a 7-8 minute walk from the University's Park Campus. It costs £3.50 to park for the day, £2.50 if you car share (i.e. if there is more than one person in the car) and £2.00 after 2.00pm.

As well as being convenient for the Park Campus, it is also a good place to park and get the bus to the Bay Campus, as there is a bus stop just outside St Helen's.

Where exactly is the Recreation Ground? See map below:

Students with Disabilities

Students who have mobility difficulties will be entitled to park on both campuses, so long as they have a valid blue badge or special permit on display.

For blue badge holders, simply ensure that the badge is displayed, and you will be admitted to the campus and can park in any parking space (there are spaces at both campuses reserved for people with disabilities).

If you are suffering from mobility difficulties, but are not a blue badge holder, then you may be entitled to a special permit to allow you to park on the campuses. This is subject to a capability assessment by Swansea University's Occupational Health team. Please visit the Estates Reception, Fourth Floor Union House, for details (there is a lift!).


Many students ask why there is no parking on the campuses, and why don't we build a multi-storey car park? There are two main reasons:

1) Swansea University aims to be a green university. It has made massive improvements in recent years thanks to the hard work of the sustainability team. It has been awarded 'First Class Degree' status by the Guardian Green League, become the first University in Wales to achieve both ISO14001 accrediation and 'Ecocampus' platinum and has been nominated for the Green Gown Award. Therefore it would be wrong for the University to take any actions that promote unsustainable travel - such as building a massie car park.

2) There are tight planning restrictions on vehicle movements at the Bay Campus. The local planning authorities were concerned about the potential for large numbers of vehicle movements to and from the Bay Campus and built in a very tight restriction on the number of vehicle movements that are allowed on and off the campus. They did not allow planning permission for a large car park, and there is no prospect of getting planning permission for significant new car parking at either campus.

If you would like to know more about Swansea University's travel policy, please contact our Travel Plan Coordinator j.cornelius@swansea.ac.uk.