How to travel to our campuses

With up to 14,000 students making their way to our campuses every morning, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are many different ways to get there.

Now that we have two campuses, we have been working harder than ever to negotiate the best rates with travel companies, upgrade cycle routes and provide solutions for those whose personal situation means that they can’t avoid driving.

We want all staff and students to use public transport where possible. The University has a commitment to reducing its environmental impact and has been awarded a ‘First Class degree’ in the Guardian ‘Green League’.


Metro bus

The cost of bus passess for 2015/16 have been massively reduced. Bus travel is the most cost and time effective travel around Swansea Bay and between both campuses.

See routes, timetables and prices here.



Both campuses are cycle friendly and are joined by a flat, newly-upgraded cycle route.

Click to find out more about cycle routes, bike hire, storage facilities and more.

If you have to drive

Parking sign

Not everybody can use public transport all of the time. There's no car parking available on campus for students but we have some options for those who need to drive.

To find out more click here