Get Involved & Earn Rewards

SWell is a new programme (currently a pilot) that rewards employees of Swansea University for taking a range of Sustainability and Wellbeing related actions. There are prizes for the best teams and individuals, including a range of vouchers and donations to local charities. 

How does it work?  

Under the following eight sustainability & wellbeing themes, staff can check out the activities they would like to participate in and earn rewards for. The departments will be competing against other departments for green point. So earn your top position in the leaderboard and contribute toward the Sustainability and Wellbeing objectives of Swansea University. There's a huge range of activities to pick from including using recycling, sustainable travel, beach combing, lunchtime fitness and many more. Taking part in each activity will earn you Green Points, getting you closer to winning prizes!

Stay tuned for the launch of SWell!