Sustainability @ Swansea Uni

Sustainability @ Swansea Uni

Sustainable practices are increasingly being mainstreamed within the Higher Education sector. Swansea has extensive experience in managing cutting-edge research into sustainability and is leading the way with a number of innovations that have been introduced on campus.  

The current Sustainability Policy was adopted by SMT and signed by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard B. Davies on 19th March 2012. As part of our ISO14001 certification, the policy is reviewed annually and is included in the annual Environmental Management Review with the SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Committee chaired by the University Registrar.

Swansea University is committed to delivering the objectives and goals of the Sustainability Policy and has a detailed  Sustainability Strategy 2016 - 2020 ‌. The University Registrar, as part of SMT, oversees development and implementation of the Policy and Strategy for Sustainability. The SHE Committee enables a wide range of stakeholder input into the sustainability work programme, and includes representation from the three University Trade Unions and the Students Union.

A dedicated Sustainability Team was established in 2011, and the University provides annual budgets to support areas including Sustainability Projects, Sustainable Transport and Travel, SSSI Management, Waste Management and Recycling, and Invest to Save Projects. This budget increases annually.

Actions and initiatives on campus are diverse, and include: