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 Ethical Investment Policy

The Ethical Investment Policy  was approved by the Investment Sub committee and Director of Finance on June, 2014. 

The University’s Investment Subcommittee will formally consider representations in relation to the ethical standing of any University investment.

The University’s Sustainable Procurement and Fairtrade Working Group is an ideal forum for discussion of any investment, prior to formal representation, and will help to ensure that the representation is in the correct format to progress to Committee. The Sustainable Procurement and Fairtrade Working Group – which includes Ethical Investment as a standard agenda item - meets termly. For further details and to attend the next meeting please contact Dr Heidi Smith on

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Swansea University is officially affiliated to the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). 

The WRC is an independent, non-political labour rights monitoring organisation, which collaborates with workers, non-governmental organisations, and other universities and colleges, to improve the conditions of workers in the garment industry.

By affiliating with the WRC, the University agrees to adopt a code of conduct to consider issues such as wages, hours of work, overtime compensation, freedom of association, workplace safety and health, women’s rights, child and forced labour, harassment and abuse in the workplace and non-discrimination.

Swansea University is using the code of conduct, within public procurement law, to help its procurement specialists to engage with supply chains through disclosure of garment factory locations from all University garment suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, to share with the WRC. Where the University is in a consortium, we endeavour to get information from collaborators or suppliers.‌ Our Sustainable Procurement Policy helps us to embed issue of Worker's Rights and clothing supplies into our tendering processes.


Fairtrade LogoFairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Swansea University was the first in Wales to achieve Fairtrade status. The University's Campus Catering division has a strong commitment to sustainability, Fairtrade, and to local purchasing.

The University's Fairtrade Steering Group monitors Fairtrade practices on campus and takes a lead in planning activities related to the annual Fairtrade Fortnight. There is a wide range of Fairtrade products available on campus, from fruit juices and coffee to confectionary and wine. Our in-house clothing store stocks a wide range of Fairtrade and ethically sourced University apparel. In addition, our Sustainable Procurement Policy  commits the University to purchasing Fairtrade cotton for uniforms or clothing wherever practicable. 

Sustainable Catering

Sustainable Catering

An outstanding choice of menus and mouthwatering selections of locally sourced food and beverages.

"At campus catering we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking, customer-oriented and sustainable catering service". Read more.