Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

Swansea University is home to the Secretariat of RCE Wales, a Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC).  Further information is available at

Supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, RCE Wales helps organisations and individuals across Wales to:

  • Research, develop and promote high-quality ESDGC activities
  • To mainstream its uptake and impact.  
  • To ensure a more sustainable future for the people and environment of Wales and beyond.
  • To ensure a legacy that will help to achieve a vibrant and secure Wales that lives within its means using only its share of the earth's resources.

 The University were early developers and adopters of approaches to baselining and assessing ESDGC in Higher Education, and other ESDGC activities at Swansea University include:

  • Dedicated Staff: ESDGC Project Officer
  • Member and signatory of the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) with work to integrate aspects of ESDGC and CSR across curricula.
  • A range of ESDGC workshops held for all University staff and students to encourage participation, dialogue and upskilling.

The University supports a wide range of research relating to the pedagogy and practice of ESDGC. Recent (2015) outputs are diverse and include:

The University also supports a large number of practical projects that use the operations of the University as a learning tool for students – “our campus, our lab” - whether in group or individual projects. Recent examples include:

 -          B.Sc. Group project on the Review of the University’s Environmental Management System

           Course: B.Sc. Business Management

           School of Management

 -         Cross Faculty Research Group Project on Renewable energy through the design and construction of a wind turbine (A research project)

           College of Engineering

 -         MRes Dissertation: Role of anaerobic digestion in a circular economy

           Course MRes Environmental Management

           College of Science

 -         MSc Dissertation on Geographic Information and Climate Change

           College of Engineering