Carbon Management Plan

Renewable Energy

Carbon Management Plan 2010-2020

In March 2013 the University adopted (at SMT and Finance Committee) its Carbon Management Plan 2010 – 2020. A summary document is available at Carbon Management Plan. A full version of the plan including background information, assumptions and details of our invest-to-save measures is also available at Carbon Management Plan 2010-2020 (Full Report).

Progress against the plan is reported annually as part of the Management Review undertaken alongside our EMS 14001. This is undertaken at the SHE Committee, chaired by the University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, and including cross organisational staff and student representation, alongside all three of the University’s Trade Unions.

The latest 2016 update (using 2014/15 data – the last complete year’s set) can be found at Carbon Management Plan-2016 Update. Further information relating to invest to save projects undertaken can be found at Carbon Management-invest to save projects