Dr Hatice Kizgin
Telephone: (01792) 604628
Room: Office 305
Third Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus


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  2. & Consumption of products from heritage and host cultures: The role of acculturation attitudes and behaviors. Journal of Business Research
  3. Integration, assimilation or separation?. Journal of Islamic Marketing 7(2), 187-212.
  4. The phenomenon of immigrants' consumer behavior. Journal of Islamic Marketing 2(3), 284-294.


  • MN-2010 International Marketing 1

    The module provides an overview of the key concepts in international marketing.

  • MN-2510 Consumer Behaviour 1

    The module is designed to provide an introduction to consumer behaviour within the marketing context. We will look at the critical driving forces which influence consumer behaviour, including memory, attitude, decision making, satisfaction, loyalty and new technologies.