Dr Warren Perkins
Telephone: (01792) 295011
Room: Office - 502
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  1. & Loop amplitudes in an extended gravity theory. Physics Letters B 780, 41-47.
  2. & Analytic all-plus-helicity gluon amplitudes in QCD. Physical Review D 96(11)
  3. & Diagrammar in an extended theory of gravity. Physics Letters B 771, 230-234.
  4. & Two-loop gravity amplitudes from four dimensional unitarity. Physical Review D 95(4)
  5. & N=4 supergravity next-to-maximally-helicity-violating six-point one-loop amplitude. Physical Review D 94(12)

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  • PH-222 Electromagnetism II

    This is an advanced module in electromagnetism, starting from Maxwell¿s equations and introducing classical field theory.

  • PH-311C Prosiect

    Prosiect a gynhaliwyd yn unigol dan oruchwyliaeth aelod o staff ar destun damcaniaethol neu arbrofol addas.

  • PH-312 Advanced Research in Physics

    Experiments conducted in two weekly 3-hour laboratory sessions on topics related to advanced research themes in Physics. Students will be allocated by staff to appropriate themes.


  • 'Analytic helicity amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory, Einstein gravity and their non-supersymmetric extensions. ' (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof David Dunbar
  • A Study of the Mathematical Structure of Scattering Amplitudes Through Their Singularities (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof David Dunbar