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  • PH-222 Electromagnetism II

    This is an advanced module in electromagnetism, starting from Maxwell¿s equations and introducing classical field theory.

  • PH-311C Prosiect

    Prosiect a gynhaliwyd yn unigol dan oruchwyliaeth aelod o staff ar destun damcaniaethol neu arbrofol addas.

  • PH-312 Advanced Research in Physics

    Experiments conducted in two weekly 3-hour laboratory sessions on topics related to advanced research themes in Physics. Students will be allocated by staff to appropriate themes.

  • PH-355 Mathematical Methods in Physics III

    This module introduces students to the fundamental concepts and phenomenology of the standard model of particle physics, focusing on the electroweak theory and Higgs boson physics.


  • Untitled (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof David Dunbar
  • A Study of the Mathematical Structure of Scattering Amplitudes Through Their Singularities (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof David Dunbar