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Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Scientific computing
  • Biomathematics
  • Mathematical pharmacology and G-protein coupled receptors
  • Biomedical modelling and NF-kappaB dynamics
  • Plant science modelling
  • Computational capturing methods for phase change in porous media


  1. & Dynamic NF-κB and E2F interactions control the priority and timing of inflammatory signalling and cell proliferation. eLife 5
  2. & A method of ‘speed coefficients’ for biochemical model reduction applied to the NF- $$\upkappa $$ κ B system. Journal of Mathematical Biology 70(3), 591-620.
  3. & Impact of plant shoot architecture on leaf cooling: a coupled heat and mass transfer model. Journal of The Royal Society Interface 10(85)-20130326.
  4. & Distinguishing possible mechanisms for auxin-mediated developmental control in Arabidopsis: Models with two Aux/IAA and ARF proteins, and two target gene-sets. Mathematical Biosciences 235(1), 32-44.
  5. & Allosteric interactions across native adenosine-A3 receptor homodimers: quantification using single-cell ligand-binding kinetics. The FASEB Journal 25(10), 3465-3476.

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  • Mathematical Modelling of direct biotic interactions (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Mike Fowler
    Other supervisor: Prof Chenggui Yuan