Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Scientific computing
  • Biomathematics
  • Mathematical pharmacology and G-protein coupled receptors
  • Biomedical modelling and NF-kappaB dynamics
  • Plant science modelling
  • Computational capturing methods for phase change in porous media


  1. & A method of ‘speed coefficients’ for biochemical model reduction applied to the NF-kappaB system. Journal of Mathematical Biology
  2. & Impact of plant shoot architecture on leaf cooling: a coupled heat and mass transfer model. Journal of The Royal Society Interface 10(85)-20130326.
  3. & Distinguishing possible mechanisms for auxin-mediated developmental control in Arabidopsis: Models with two Aux/IAA and ARF proteins, and two target gene-sets. Mathematical Biosciences 235(1), 32-44.
  4. & Allosteric interactions across native adenosine-A3 receptor homodimers: quantification using single-cell ligand-binding kinetics. The FASEB Journal 25(10), 3465-3476.
  5. & Mathematical modelling of signalling in a two-ligand G-protein coupled receptor system: Agonist–antagonist competition. Mathematical Biosciences 223(2), 115-132.

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  • MA-001 Fundamental Mathematics at Work

    This module studies foundational mathematics and its applications.

  • MA-162 Computational Methods (with Matlab)

    An introduction to computational methods. The module covers basic problems in computation including error analysis and methods for solving equations. It also highlights the use of MATLAB in the numerical solution of problems, as well as symbolic computation.

  • MA-303 Mathematical Modelling

    An introduction to mathematical modelling. The course will look at a variety of models taken from real world problems and discuss how complex mathematical ideas can be applied to their study.


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    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Chenggui Yuan
    Other supervisor: Dr Mike Fowler