1. The politics of counting and the scene of rescue: Border deaths in the mediterranean. Radical Philosophy 192, 1-6.
  2. Confessional Subjects and Conducts of Non-Truth Foucault, Fanon, and the Making of the Subject. Theory, Culture and Society
  3. Spaces of Governmentality. Autonomous Migration and the Arab Uprisings. Rownman&Littlefield.
  4. Eurosur, humanitarian visibility, and (nearly) real-time mapping in the mediterranean. Acme 15(3), 561-579.
  5. & The Sight of Migration: Governmentality, Visibility and Europe’s Contested Borders. Global Society 30(3), 445-464.

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  • GEG268 Dissertation Preparation

    The module prepares students for their independent research dissertation through dissertation fairs, lectures and a series of tutorials focusing upon the formulation and construction of a research proposal. The module also includes three lectures which explore career opportunities for Geography graduates and skills to enhance graduate employability.

  • GEG328 Migration, Security and Humanitarianism

    This module focuses on the interactions of humanitarianism, security, and migration, in Europe and in the Mediterranean region, analysing the articulation between humanitarian and security approaches to migration management. The module looks at spaces of detention, refuge and control across Europe (e.g. Calais, Eidomeni, Lampedusa) and on the southern shore of the Mediterranean (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco). It will introduce students to the politics of externalisation of the EU, analysing how humanitarian and security ways for managing migration have been implemented in third-countries.

  • GEGM15 Qualitative Research Methods

    This module provides an introduction to the main data-sources and analysis methods used in qualitative research. In addition to covering the key conceptual and epistemological issues associated with qualitative research design, the module provides an introduction to a range of qualitative techniques used in social science research including questionnaire design, interviewing, observational methods, visual methodologies and textual analysis. Issues associated with combining a mixture of qualitative methods are also considered. The strengths and limitations of various techniques are explored with particular emphasis on issues of reliability, validity and representativeness.


  • From City to Nation of Sanctuary: Examining the Political Geographies of Citizenship (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Angharad Closs Stephens
    Other supervisor: Prof Marcus Doel