Dr. Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof graduated from the National Technical Institute of Athens, Greece with a First class B.Sc honours degree in Biological and  Biomedical Sciences. She completed her Master in Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wales, Swansea and her Philosophy Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering, Swansea University.

Her research has been laying in the area of Microbial Biotechnology especially focused in Lactic Acid Bacteria, their metabolic end products and their usage in food and pharmaceutical industry. Having acquired a wealth of life experiences, which has provided her with many transferable key skills, Myrto’s current research is focused in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology,  Wastewater Engineering and Treatment regarding the recovery of valuable chemicals and nutrients from complex effluent streams and their formulation as nutrient media for bacterial/yeast/alga growth.

Being an active researcher, Myrto has shown interest in collaborating with academic specialists from various scientific fields and disciplines, including Arts and Humanities, in an effort to further broad her horizons and explore the different applications Sciences might have.

Specialties: Bioprocess Engineering , Biotechnology, Fermentation Science, Industrial, Environmental and Food Microbiology, Mathematical Modeling , Carbohydrates and Enzymes analysis, Separation processes, Analytical Chemistry Techniques, Wastewater Treatment, Chemical Engineering Education.