I'm a postdoc research officer in the Diabetes Research Unit Cymru.  My main area of research is Diabetic Retinopathy.  I am interested in improving screening services for diabetic retinopathy within the NHS by exploring new technologies and cost effective changes.  My PhD explored the optimal screening intervals for diabetic retinopathy using data from the Diabetic Eye Service Wales (DESW) using parametric survival analysis.  I also have experience of using large linked databases through the Secure Anonymised information linkage (SAIL) gateway.  I am a member of the diabetic retinopathy research and development group (RDG) who consider access requests for DESW data for research.  Additionally I have been involved in the setup and development of diabetic retinopathy screening programmes in countries such as Mauritius, Trinidad and Bermuda.


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  • PM-315 Genetic Analysis III

    The module aims to develop the student┬┐s ability to critically analyse and synthesise advanced research topics in genetics and molecular biology, and their oral and written scientific presentation skills.