Areas of Expertise

  • Immunometabolism
  • Adaptive Immunity
  • Innate Immunity
  • T cells


  1. & Metabolic Adaptation of Human CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cells to T-Cell Receptor-Mediated Stimulation. Frontiers in Immunology 8
  2. & Immune biomarkers in the spectrum of childhood noncommunicable diseases. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 137(5), 1302-1316.
  3. & Bioenergetic analysis of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Clinical & Experimental Immunology 182(1), 69-80.


  • PM-200 Genetic Analysis II

    This module will give assignments designed to build on essay writing and oral presentation skills introduced in level 1. It will also develop critical evaluation, analysis skills for the understanding of peer-reviewed research papers.

  • PM-336 Biomedical Laboratory Techniques

    The module will provide practical and in depth theory of applications and equipment available to MSci students in the biomedical research laboratories based at the Medical School. The module will provide guidelines and rationale for experimental design, and data and statistical analysis.