Professor Belinda Gabbe
Swansea University Medical School
Telephone: (01792) 513437
Email: JavaScript is required to view this email address.


  1. & Profile and costs of secondary conditions resulting in emergency department presentations and readmission to hospital following traumatic spinal cord injury. Injury 47(8), 1847-1855.
  2. & Population incidence of pedestrian traffic injury in high-income countries: A systematic review.
  3. & A review of the revised Functional Capacity Index as a predictor of 12 month outcomes following injury.
  4. & Professional practice and innovation: Level of agreement between coding sources of percentage total body surface area burnt (%TBSA). Health Information Management Journal 40
  5. & Predictors of moderate to severe fatigue 12 months following admission to hospital for burn: Results from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) Long Term Outcomes project. Burns 42(8), 1652-1661.

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