• PM-120 Genetic Analysis I

    This module is designed to develop the skills required for students of genetics and medical genetics. Students will meet with tutors and be given a series of assignments designed to develop skills in key areas such as essay writing, presentations and general numeracy. Joint sessions will cover generic skills such as internet searching for scientific sources, referencing and plagiarism.

  • PM-M28 Nano(geno)toxicology


  • PMNM10 Practical Approaches in Nanomedicine

    This module will be delivered over 1 academic week, with each day focussing on a different practical technique: Day 1: NP characterisation Day 2: (Advanced) Cell culture and NP exposure methods Day 3: NP-cell interaction (Mass spectrometry) Day 4: Biochemical techniques Day 5: Microscopy techniques Each day will begin with a 1hr-2hrs lecture on the practical, what they will do over the course of the day and theory behind the technique that they will be conducting. On each day students will gather data via the specified practical technique. At the end of the practical week, students will have produced sufficient data to allow them to produce an oral presentation and a critical evaluation of the findings.