Kate is a postdoctoral researcher in the In Vitro Toxicology and Cancer Group, based in the Institute of Life Science 1. Prior to completing her PhD in Genetic Toxicology at Swansea University (2010-2014), Kate read for a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Bath (2007-2010). Kate has won several national and international awards during her research career to date, including the EEMS Young Scientist Travel Award, Welsh Livery Guild Travel Scholarship and Best New Investigator Platform Presentation at the USA EEMGS Meeting 2014.

Kate’s current research interests include in vitro carcinogenicity testing and novel genotypic and phenotypic markers in oesophageal cancer. Kate has also developed a keen interest in the reduction and replacement of laboratory animal use in genetic toxicology, exploring 3D tissue culture models, chronic exposures to chemicals and multiple-endpoint testing as robust alternatives. Kate lectures on several undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.


  • PM-138 Skills for Medical Sciences

    The aim of this module is to provide the student with basic skills required for laboratory research in the field of applied medical sciences. The module will be both theoretical and applied: the student will be instructed in methods essential for data acquisition and analyses but will also actively participate in the laboratory, using broadly applicable experimental techniques. They will also develop skills that are not experimental techniques themselves, but are nevertheless fundamental to the scientific process, such as `lab math,¿ sourcing information, referencing, ethics and health and safety.

  • PM-317 Genetics of Cancer

    This module will provide students with an advanced understanding about the genetic mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis, and how these underlying processes and molecules affect the human body.

  • PM-342 Pharmacology

    Pharmacology is the science of how drugs act on the body and how the body acts on drugs. Pharmacology investigates the chemical and physical properties of drugs, how those properties confer actions on living tissues and how those actions affect health and disease. The beneficial, therapeutic effects of drugs will be discussed, but also some negative consequences of drug administration, such as toxicity, addiction and microbial drug-resistance.