Mr Dylan Griffiths
ICT developer
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Room: Open Plan Office - 504
Fifth Floor
Data Science Building
Singleton Campus


  • PMIM202 Health Data Modelling

    Health data scientists are expected to work with diverse data sources. Modelling data encompasses setting up database models and analysing the data using statistical models. The objective of this module is to raise the awareness of students about the various processes of data modelling and the key operations involved in the data processing of large and diverse datasets. This is a core / compulsory module and worth 20 Masters level credits. Module leader is Dr Joanne Demmler

  • PMIM301 Using Secondary Health Data

    Students will study data quality and management, secondary uses of clinical data, service improvement and clinical audit. Academic skills are developed and enhanced by an introduction to quantitative research methodologies. Students will be introduced to statistical software such as SPSS.