• PMAM01 Living with Autism and Related Conditions

    This module will explore the history of autism to inform how people lived with autism (including parents and carers) previously to the present day, debate the use of diet controls, critically review the impact of autism (pre- and post- diagnosis) upon the individual and family, explore the issue of parental stress, discuss how our understanding of the impact of autism can have an input into service planning and delivery, appraising integrated services and the influence of policy changes on the support provided (clinically, socially and educationally).

  • PMAM03 Foundations of Behaviour

    This module will introduce students to the concepts involved in the normal and abnormal development of the brain in terms of the physiological and psychological aspects. Additionally, it will explore how altered neurodevelopment is often described as a component of the behavioral aspects of Autism presentation. Furthermore, students will be introduced to the theoretical concepts of Behavioral Analysis and its role in the management of Autism.