Professor Tracey Sagar
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Room: Office - 148
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  • ASC316 Criminalisation of Sex

    The course offers students the opportunity to examine and explore the multiple issues that shape our understanding of sex and the laws and policies that govern sex work. Theoretical debates are entered into and sex work is considered on a European and global basis.

  • ASCM27 Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

    This module discusses what Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is and examines Human Trafficking and Anti-Slavery legislation and policy at both a global and local level. It considers how the United Kingdom and, in particular Wales, is responding to this global concern. The module considers the application of criminological theories that seek to explain Human Trafficking and looks at practical examples of projects that are working to protect victims.


  • 'Experiencing sexual victimisation in Childhood: Meaning and impact- The perspectives of convicted, adult male child sexual abusers.' (awarded 2017)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Peter Raynor
    Other supervisor: Prof Tracey Sagar

Innovation and Engagement activities

  • Sex Work Research in Wales

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Criminology at Swansea University continues to produce new knowledge on sex work in Wales.  Myself and Debbie Jones have worked with a variety of statutory bodies and front line agencies in a multi-agency capacity over several years to provide an evidence base towards the development of policy and practice for sex workers who work both on and off street. Particularly this important work has involved collaborations with: Police forces across Wales; The Cardiff Sex Work/Prostitution Forum; Gibran UK; Cyrenians Cymru; Women in Need; Terrence Higgins Trust; PASOP ; The UK network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP) and All Wales network of Sex Work Projects; Gwent Anti-Trafficking Group; The Wales Anti-Human Trafficking and Slavery Group; Student Sex Work Policy Group.

  • External Engagement

Collaborative work has not only produced a solid knowledge base regarding the sex markets in Wales but it has also led to the sharing of innovative ideas and practice.  The Centre of Criminology and Criminal Justice has hosted several events in recent years to promote understanding. In 2013 the University hosted: the Student Sex Work Conference; Sex Work Symposium; Student Sex Work Policy Group Meeting. In 2014 myself and Debbie collaborated with Gibran UK to present the findings of the four year project 'Sex Work Research Wales' and will host the European Symposium on sex work in November 2014. All of these events reach out to share information, knowledge and ideas with cross sector organisations and stakeholder agencies as well as sex workers.  

  • Leading innovative practice 

In 2013 Myself and Debbie were awarded approximately £489,000 by the Big Lottery Innovation Grant for the 'Student Sex Work Project' which pursues the development of innovative research, service development and creative dissemination. Once again this is cross sector partnership work with the University of South Wales, Terrence Higgins Trust Cymru, the National Health Service and the National Union of Students Cymru.