Professor Dennis Patterson


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Professor Dennis Patterson was appointed Professor of Jurisprudence and International Trade at the School of Law, Swansea University in 2007. He is also the Board of Governors Professor at the School of Law, Rutgers University (Camden, New Jersey, USA) and the Professor of Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). Professor Patterson writes in the fields of commercial law, trade law and legal philosophy. He is the author of numerous books and articles in both commercial law and legal philosophy, including the The New Global Trading Order : The Evolving State and the Future of Trade (with Ari Afilalo), Cambridge University Press (2008) and The Commercial Sales Transaction: An Introduction to the U.C.C. (with Richard Hyland), West Publishing (2d ed., 2006).

Professor Patterson has been awarded Senior Research grants from the Fulbright Commission, Humboldt Stiftung, and the American Council of Learned Societies. He has been a visiting professor at several universities, such as the University of Berlin, Vienna, Texas and Georgetown. Professor Patterson is a distinguished and leading academic who has recently been elected to serve at the REF 2014 Law Sub-Panel.