• EYXM19 Influences Upon Child Health

    This module will examine the evidence base behind a range of child public health issues relating to children aged 0 ¿ 11 years. It will explore the epidemiology, risk factors and impact of key issues such as perinatal health, immunisation uptake and wellbeing. Topics will consider how child health can have wide reaching outcomes for emotional, social and educational development and how health is affected by a range of biological, psychological and social factors. The module will explore how environmental, familial and socio-demographic factors, together with government and legal policies, initiatives and legislation influence child health and well-being. Legal, ethical and moral issues will also be considered alongside the role of child health services in supporting child health and wellbeing.

  • PPS100 Academic and Professional Development

    This module prepares students for studying at degree level. It also supports students to complete the Bronze level of the Swansea Employability Award (SEA). Students are supported to work and learn together in a community of practice at the level required in higher education. They are encouraged to develop a questioning approach, to structure an argument, to write academically and to avoid plagiarism. Students are also introduced to the skills needed in applying for jobs and/or moving forward in a career path, including how to recognise and make the most of experience, learning, and knowledge and how to sell themselves effectively.

  • SHGM17 Public Health Evidence and Epidemiology

    This module will prepare students for their role in relation to Public Health and Health Promotion Practice to enable them to critically analyse the quality of the research epidemiological evidence that underpins their particular perspective be it a generic/specific role in Public Health and Health Promotion.