I am Academic Liaison Librarian for the College of Arts and Humanities.  I have been a librarian principally supporting  Arts and Humanities  since 1993 and have been working as an academic librarian since taking up my first post at Swansea in 1988.  I work with three subject librarians for Arts and Humanities.

My role includes answering enquiries from staff and students on a wide variety of topics, arranging training sessions on the effective use of online databases in literature searching, meeting individual staff and students to discuss how the library and our online resources can help them, and helping to publicise important new subscriptions and purchases.   


  • EN-M80 Practising Ideas: Advanced Research Skills in English / Contemporary Writing / Welsh Writing in English


  • MLTM05 Foundations of Translation and Interpreting

    Studying translation involves a number of special skills. They include, for instance, making optimal use of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, and writing a well-structured commentary explaining your translation strategy or your use of specialized software. There are also some general skills you need, such as setting up a bibliography for a particular topic and formatting your documents to a professional standard. Apart from these skills, this module will also give you some general introductory knowledge of, for instance, the difference between terms and words and the organization of Computer-Assisted Translation tools. Finally, this module will introduce you to basic linguistic concepts and terminology, which you can use in discussing your translation work.