Thomas has been working within Health Economics at SCHE for just over 2 years and specialises in economic modelling and econometrics.

Having graduated with a PhD in Economics focussing on econometric techniques from Swansea University in 2014, he sought to specialise in Health Economics. Taking up a position as a research assistant within SCHE in September 2014 he has worked to develop skills in the broader health field whilst maintaining and progressing his statistical speciality.

Gaining experience by working on a wide range of health technology assessment projects which were supplemented by advanced courses from Sheffield and Birmingham universities Thomas has solidified his skillset and position within SCHE. His keenness for advancement and learning is well illustrated by his completion of a PGCert in Health Economics from Aberdeen University in 2016.

Having strong skills in econometrics and modelling has meant that Thomas predominantly works with the quantitative side of health economics, his favoured statistical packages are STATA and Excel. Currently he is developing markovian evaluations for diabetes screening and a range of monte carlo simulations for a housing intervention. 


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  • SHP208 Health and Economics

    This module will provide an introduction to economic theory and the role of economics in health care. It will consider issues of scarcity and choice; markets and market failure; efficiency and equity; consumer and provider behaviour; outputs and outcomes in health care and economic evaluation. This module aims to outline the role of economic appraisal in decision making in health care. It will highlight the importance of economics in determining how and where to utilize limited resources. Students will be introduced to techniques of economic evaluation. Students will be able to discuss the basic principles of economics and how resources are allocated; they will be able to present and discuss concept of welfare economics; they will be able to demonstrate an appreciation of the techniques and relevance of economic evaluation.