Mrs Chantal Patel
Head of Interprofessional Studies
Interprofessional Studies
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  • SHC137 Study Skills, Health Informatics and Health Service Practice

    This module provides an introduction to student skills, learning skills, IT skills, communication skills and elements of Health Informatics that prepares the student for work in the clinical environment of the National Health Service as an Assistant/Associate audiology practitioner.

  • SHC338 Evidence-Based Practice in Cardiology

    The module will prepare students for their professional role as a healthcare science practitioner in Cardiology. Students will gain an understanding of their role in the patient pathway and the importance of evidence-based practice that considers patient-centred care.

  • SHG392 Health Care and the Law

    The aim of the module is to raise awareness of the legal principles that underpin health care.

  • SHHM32 Principles of Safe Practice in Clinical Transfusion Management

    This module aims to equip health care professionals working closely with patients requiring blood transfusion to deliver the most appropriate care for those patients. Students will: ¿ develop the skills and knowledge to support patients receiving blood transfusions ¿ undertake written authorisation of blood components as part of a pre-determined clinical care plan ¿ apply theory to practice and enable students to make advanced clinical decisions in line with local and national policies

  • SHP307 Persons and Illness

    The module¿s objectives are to provide students with an appreciation of the connection between our concept of the person and our understanding of some of the conditions that are the objects of medical attention, including aspects of mental health, disability, genetics and dying.