Mr Thomas Griffiths
Senior Lecturer
Interprofessional Studies
Telephone: (01792) 602806
Room: Office - 216
First Floor
Glyndwr Building
Singleton Campus


  • SHC230 Professional Practice 2

    This module follows from the year 1 module in Professional Practice and further develops some topics as well as introducing others. The material is designed to provide support knowledge for the Healthcare Science student in their professional practice.

  • SHHM12 Advanced Practice and Education

    One of the roles of advanced practice is education, both in terms of self and others. Consequently there is a need for the practitioner to critically evaluate and apply learning theory to themselves and in the practice setting. This module examines the key ideas underpinning some of the main educational theories which students will relate to their own development and clinical practice.

  • SHHM50 Assistive Technology in Health and Social Care

    This module is aimed at those who wish to widen their knowledge, understanding and use of the potential transformative power of assistive technology in improving the quality of life of people living with long term and chronic conditions.

  • SHTM33 Designing and Evaluating Your Teaching

    This module aims to develop the student¿s awareness of the key issues, principles and values of quality teaching in the workplace setting, and their ability to reflect upon, analyse and interpret their own professional practice in healthcare and education using a range of theoretical frameworks.

  • SHVM00 Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Long Term Chronic Conditions Management

    This module is used to underpin the applied knowledge required to understand the clinical presentation and management of specific long term and chronic conditions.

  • SHVM51 Theory and Practice of Long Term and Chronic Conditions Management

    This module enables students to critically examine the theories, models, concepts and practice of long term and chronic conditions management in the context of interdisciplinary practice and collaborative working with people with long term and chronic illnesses and their families.