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Sophia is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background on Nutrition and Dietetics with specialization in Obesity and Weight Management.

Her PhD work falls into the area of Health Psychology and focuses on the impact of prenatal nutrition and parental feeding practices, both milk feeding and weaning, on infants’ and toddlers’ eating behaviour. More specifically she looked at how milk and complementary feeding practices impact on outcomes, like vegetable acceptance and early eating behaviour, using a variety of methods.

Her research interest include parental feeding practices and early years development .

She is currently a Lecturer on Infant and Child Public Health at Swansea University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Infant Feeding
  • Weaning
  • Formation of food preferences
  • Parental feeding practicies


  1. & Differences in the emotional and practical experiences of exclusively breastfeeding and combination feeding mothers. Maternal & Child Nutrition 13(3), e12364
  2. & The emotional and practical experiences of formula-feeding mothers. Maternal & Child Nutrition


  • EYXM18 Childhood Nutrition and Growth

    This module explores current public health issues surrounding food, nutrition and the diet of infants and children aged 0 ¿ 11 years in light of biological, psychological and social perspectives. Central issues will target the importance of early diet and growth, the interaction between nutrition, wellbeing and behavior the growing problem of childhood obesity. The role of different individuals in influencing child diet, eating behavior and weight will be considered alongside the impact of different campaigns in public health, education and the media to promote a healthy child diet.