Jing started working at Swansea Centre for Health Economics as a Research Assistant in March 2016. By taking a PhD research on Health Economics, Jing’s background in Economics and the quantitative analysis skills provide a sense linking empirical evidence with Health Technology Assessment. Jing is also interested in the research of child health development, and maternal employment and child nutrition intake, especially in developing countries. 


  • MN-1011 Micro-economics 1

    This module builds provides a rigorous understanding of basic micro-economic principles by combining theory and application to contemporary issues, such that students have a sound basis for progression to study economics at Level 2.

  • MN-M029 Microeconomics

    This module surveys many recent areas of development in microeconomics. An emphasis is placed on the economics of information and game theory. In addition, the module looks at the rapidly developing area of behavioural economics.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2015 Present Lecturer, School of Management Swansea University