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Born in 1958 I have two children and a granddaughter. I was involved with sail training with the Island Cruising Club from an early age and spent my 20's travelling Africa, where I was part of a project introducing sail to Lake Malawi. While in Africa I survived a sailing accident involving a 9 hour swim, 8 hours spent life-saving an African crew member who sadly died. It was this that shaped my life and is the reason why I trained in Osteopathy.

I went back to sea after this, sailing for a year and a half covering the North Atlantic reaching 700 miles from the North Pole. These years shaped my interest and fascination in the body and movement, working in the water therapeutically, with a fascination for indigenous tribal people and how they manage their bodies in adverse conditions. I ran with the Bush Men in Tanzania below the Ngorogoran Crater observing their gait pattern and feel there is something there to work on!

Osteopathy was very much for me - I wanted to be a diagnostic practitioner who used their hands in order to return to Africa and give something back to the men who died in that accident.

I trained in Osteopathy at the College of Osteopaths affiliated with Middlesex University. I am a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This has provided me with a wide and deep toolbox to reach an extensive range of patients in various locations including Ischia in Italy, Harley Street and Kenya.

I joined the Osteopathic team at Swansea University in 2014 to share my experiences and assist in educating and inspiring our future Osteopaths who are going out in to a very different health care market. Living now in Mumbles, I am enjoying being by the sea again and love seeing students and patients at any opportunity.


  • SHF208 Further Personal and Professional Development

    This module further develops skills for self-monitoring and reflective practice. This module will also consider topics important for the understanding of Osteopathy within the context of the health care.

  • SHF302 Continuing Personal and Professional Development

    This module considers key issues in osteopathy and health care practice based on reflection from student placements and learning. This module will be delivered through group discussion and feedback sessions.

  • SHF304 Osteopathic Skills 5

    This module builds upon the other osteopathic skills in year 1 and 2 to explore the application of key diagnostic and assessment skills at an advanced level and within the context of people presenting with complex and/or multiple conditions.