Bob Davies was born in Swansea but moved to London where he spent his time studying at the British School of Osteopathy. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Osteopathy in 2000.
Bob has also spent some time studying at Swansea University, completing a Masters’ degree programme in History in 2011.

As a professional osteopath for the past 16 years, Bob manages his own clinic in Swansea and has worked in Swansea University since 2011. He has been the university’s osteopathy Programme Manager since 2013.

As Programme Manager, Bob not only plays an active role in the programme’s development, he is also involved in teaching, module co-ordination and student mentorship at the University’s osteopathy clinics.

Bob has a particular interest in the history and concepts of osteopathy and how they relate to modern osteopathic and healthcare practice.


  • SHF105 Osteopathic Skills 1

    This module introduces the students to the concepts of osteopathic practice as well as the core clinical skills of basic life skills, patient moving and handling, and anatomical principles. It provides the foundation skills for all subsequent osteopathic skills modules for the programme.

  • SHF108 Introduction to Personal and Professional Development

    This module provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for personal and professional development for health care providers.

  • SHF110 Introduction to Osteopathic Concepts and Principles

    This module provides an introduction to the key ideas relating to osteopathy and osteopathic practice and the development of those ideas subsequent to the origin of the profession during the latter half of the 19th century. It will provide an outline of the thoughts and changes in perspectives of the osteopathic profession in relation to patient care, diagnosis and management over the past century and how such thought would combine, overlap and differ within the prism of allopathic medicine. The module will provide a foundation for student understanding of the development and implementation of osteopathic practice that can be enhanced during their studies on the M.Ost Osteopathy programme.

  • SHF208 Further Personal and Professional Development

    This module further develops skills for self-monitoring and reflective practice. This module will also consider topics important for the understanding of Osteopathy within the context of the health care.

  • SHF302 Continuing Personal and Professional Development

    This module considers key issues in osteopathy and health care practice based on reflection from student placements and learning. This module will be delivered through group discussion and feedback sessions.

  • SHF308 Contemporary Developments in Osteopathic Medicine

    This module is designed to develop the student¿s knowledge and understanding of key areas of osteopathic practice, their application and relevance in the context of contemporary developments, which inform the practice and the philosophy of osteopathy.

  • SHF310 Being a Reflective Practitioner

    Reflection in osteopathic practice is an accepted norm. This module is designed to allow the student to become a reflective clinical practitioner. It will consider the aspects of reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action and reflection-for-action. The importance of reflection in the clinical setting within other disciplines will be used as exemplars for personal development.

  • SHF311 Independent Study

    This module builds upon the knowledge and skills gained from the Evidence Based Practice and Research Methods module and it will enable the student to explore research in an area of interest in order to develop an extended literature review.