Alex first worked within CHHS in 2009 in a part-time role, but has recently joined the team on a full-time basis as Senior Lecturer in Respiratory and Sleep Physiology. Alex has a clinical background, having worked in various NHS services in England and Wales since 1997. He has a particular interest in diagnosis and management of sleep related breathing disorders. Alex is registered with RCCP, and plays an active part in ARTP Wales; the regional professional network for respiratory and sleep physiologists. Alex has a passion for excellence in patient care, and a love of teaching.


  • SHC151 Anatomy and Physiology for Healthcare Science

    This is an introductory module to the structure and function of the human body, delivered with a focus on healthcare science.

  • SHC158 Respiratory and Sleep Physiology

    This module will introduce the clinical practice of respiratory physiology to students undertaking the BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science in the division of cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep sciences.

  • SHC159 CVRS Patient Pathways and Work-Based Training

    This module will provide students with an opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes needed to be a healthcare science practitioner. Learning is centred on patient presentation and common patient pathways through the health service. Clinical placements will contextualize learning, offer real-life experience and enable students to apply taught professional practice outcomes in order to practise safely. Students will begin a portfolio of evidence and will be required to complete specified sections of the professional training manual.

  • SHC231 Research Methods and Statistics

    This is a research module designed to enable students to utilize health related research and carry out simple statistical analysis on data of varying types.

  • SHC233 Healthcare Science Work Based Placement 1

    This module provides an opportunity to explore professional practice within a healthcare science discipline and to gain the professional skills and competences required for practice at level 5.

  • SHC238 Pathophysiology of Common Cardiovascular and Respiratory Conditions

    This module will prepare students for their role in clinical practice by ensuring they understand the pathophysiology of common conditions that result in referral to cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep services.

  • SHC241 Respiratory and Sleep Physiology - Diagnostic Interventions

    This module will further develop clinical knowledge and skills of respiratory physiology for students undertaking the BSc (Hons) Health Care Science in the division of cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep sciences.

  • SHC242 Respiratory and Sleep Physiology - Physiology

    This module is intended for students undertaking the BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science and will further expand knowledge and clinical skills in Respiratory Physiology.

  • SHC331 Healthcare Science Research Project

    This module will facilitate the planning, execution and dissemination of a research project with direct relevance to the clinical specialism. Students will be expected to plan, execute and disseminate a literature review, audit or service improvement project.

  • SHG3101 Managing Respiratory Conditions in Primary Care

    In this module, students will develop their knowledge and skills in the care of patients with common respiratory conditions. Assessment and management of patients with respiratory disease will be explored in the context of national guidelines and strategies and students will be given the opportunity to become competent at investigating respiratory function using spirometry.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2004 2017 Chief Clinical Physiologist Respiratory and Sleep Physiology Service, Singleton Hospital, ABMUHB
2009 2015 Lecturer in Respiratory and Sleep Physiology College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University