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About Me

My professional clinical background is as a nurse and I specialised in acute medicine and neurosurgery prior to working in Higher Education. My current role as the Director of Studies for Pre-qualifying Studies requires me to have a sound awareness of professional requirements, and to guide developments in provision, of the sixteen pre-qualifying programmes that the College provides. I am also an associate dean of the Academic Board (undergraduate students).This role requires my involvement with pan-university demands and strategic developments, with my particular portfolio including admissions and professional programmes.

My research interests relate to emergency medicine and the student experience. My teaching interests relate in particular to clinical decision making and acute medicine.

Areas of Expertise

  • ethnography
  • research ethics
  • My research interests relate to emergency medicine and the student experience


  • SHF303 Applying Evidence Based Practice

    This module aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to develop a proposal for further investigation.

  • SHVM08 Clinical Decision Making

    This module addresses and introduces a number of issues around decision making in health care. The module is aimed at experienced health professionals who wish to explore and deepen their understanding of the decision making process and expand their knowledge of the topic. Theory is linked to practice and students are encouraged to scrutinise and critically analyse the clinical decisions they make in the light of some of the theories explored on the module. Participation in the module will enable students to develop their diagnostic and decision making skills towards autonomous practice.


  • Assessing nursing student on the borderline of achievement in practice (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Michael Coffey
    Other supervisor: Dr Pauline Griffiths

Administrative Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

  • External Examiner, Leeds University

    2012 - Present