Professor Nicola Gray
Telephone: (01792) 602006
Room: Academic Office - 707A
Seventh Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

I am a chartered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have been a Professor of Clinical and Forensic Psychology since 2004.

Areas of Expertise

  • Risk assessment, risk management, and child protection
  • Sexual offending, paedophilia and models of human sexuality
  • Psychopathy and severe personality disorder
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


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  • PS-M29 Personality and sexual disorders

    Personality and sexual disorders are two of the highest profile long-term psychological disorders that place significant demands on either mental health services, the judiciary system, or both. This module examines key disorders, including paedophilia, psychopathy/anti-social personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Each disorder is considered from biological/genetic, social/familial, societal, neurological and psychological explanatory frameworks. Treatments based on these models are critically reviewed.

  • PSY319 Final Year Independent Research Project

    Students conduct an independent research project under the supervision of a member of staff. The research topic is decided in conjunction with supervisors and Research topics. Students must obtain ethical approval, design, conduct, analyse and write up a piece of research in order to achieve Graduate Basis for Chartership with the British Psychological Society (BPS).


  • Supporting Reduction of Suicide in the General Population of Wales via the use of Structured Professional Judgement (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Ann John

Awards And Prizes

Date Description
2016 Health and Social Care Impact Award - Cardiff University

External Responsibilities

  • Director, Wales Applied Risk Research Network

    2018 - Present

  • BPS Advisor, Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

    2018 - Present

  • Associate Fellow , British Psychological Society

    2018 - Present

  • Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Authority

    2018 - Present